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At International Packaging & Specialties, we furnish point of purchase (POP) displays that command attention and help customers build their brands. Along with countertop PDQ trays that are lightweight and easy to install, we supply sturdily constructed freestanding floor displays that set up in no time and allow customers to interact with the product. Our end of aisle and end cap displays are perfect for showcasing products, and with their intriguing designs, our customers to derive maximum value from one of the most desirable merchandising spaces. When customers choose our high-impact point of purchase display solutions, their products stand out from the rest.

We provide solutions for temporary point of purchase displays that draw attention to seasonal items or to highlight products during an event-based marketing campaign. Temporary displays are affordable and can be shipped already packed with product. We also supply semi-permanent and permanent displays constructed from a mix of materials. Built for a more extended lifespan than a temporary POP display, they can be manufactured from plastics, such as acrylic, or wood, or metals like stainless steel or aluminum. As a very sturdy option, these POP displays have a premium quality look and the durability to survive in busy retail environments.

As packaging specialists, we provide POP displays that highlight a single product as well as those that host mixed SKUs. We furnish them assembled, shrink wrapped, and palletized for shipping and easy integration into the retail space. Our services also include warehousing and timely order fulfillment. Operating out of three locations, we have the capacity to manage high volume projects, but we also have the versatility to efficiently manage low to medium order quantities. Contact us directly to learn more about our POP display options; we welcome an opportunity to provide a quote.


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