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With our versatile equipment capabilities, International Packaging & Specialties is a leading provider of contract cartoning services. Our fully automatic horizontal cartoner erects, loads, and closes end load single pack and multi-pack cartons at the rate of up to 2,400 units per hour, giving us an enormous capacity. We can package a high volume of product accurately, quickly, and affordably to save our customers time and money

We offer cartoning services for a wide variety of product sizes and types. Our high-speed cartoning equipment handles everything from extended size cartons as large as 10″ long x 4″ wide x 12″ deep and reduced size cartons as small as 2″ long x 1″ wide x 5″ deep. The product infeed and conveyor motion are entirely adjustable, which allows us to accommodate a range of different packages and containers. We can generate glue-sealed cartons, tuck closures, and we also offer custom gable-top constructions.

Our automatic cartoners operate by removing cartons from the supply magazine and erecting them at the product load station, where they are automatically filled and then transported to the closing station. Since this machine is engineered to handle products gently and seal them completely, each carton, as well as the individual contents, exhibit a very high degree of package quality and integrity.

With our versatility and flexibility, we carton products quickly and cost-effectively, which enable s our customers to get their products to the market faster and more economically. As repackaging specialists, we offer cartoning as one element in a portfolio of services that includes point-of-purchase display assembly, custom labeling, and other related services. For more information on outsourcing cartoning and the benefits it provides, contact us directly.

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